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I am currently an active wedding photographer, and I LOVE the art of photography. I am passionate about encouraging photographers to keep learning more about their craft - there is always something new to discover. I know how easy it is to get wrapped up in the business side of things to the point that our artistry gets neglected, and I hope I can help you with keep that love for the art kindled..

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reconnecting artists to their craft

Discover my free A-Z wedding photography course on YouTube, as well as my signature deep dive course on the art of visual storytelling. 

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photography courses

I know that sometimes a personal touch is needed, so I do offer one on one mentorships. I have a few different offerings, so reach out and let's chat! 

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Shop templates designed to uplevel your business - I have a selection of client welcome guides, PDF's to send to your first-time second shooters, and more. 

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Presets designed to give your work an editorial edge, without sacrificing those beautiful and clean skin tones. 

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"Your ektar guide is *phenomenal* - I can't believe you are giving this away for free."

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a checklist for marketing your work


Do you get overwhelmed when it comes to keeping up with your marketing? Here is a workflow to help keep your marketing efforts organized and on track. 

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creative rut kit


Does your photography feel stuck, stale, or stagnant? Here's a list of 15 tools and techniques you can try to get out of your creative rut and get excited about photography again. 

wedding photography checklist for beginners


Curious about what it takes to get started as a wedding photographer? I have compiled a checklist of everything you need to get started. This is a great resource for beginners! 

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